About YIVOSounds

Welcome to YIVOSounds, a new blog dedicated to introducing you to the incredible treasures to be found in the Max and Frieda Weinstein Archives of YIVO Sound Recordings. One-of-a-kind commercial discs, field recordings, radio broadcasts and videos will be featured, along with interesting biographical information, visual images and fun facts collected by YIVO’s Sound Archivist, Lorin Sklamberg (me). Also expect reports from the road and, maybe, some special guests.


5 Responses to About YIVOSounds

  1. Gil Rosoff says:

    Hi Lorin, I was just introduced to your blog by a link on Judy Konofsky’s monthly
    KlexCalifornia news letter. What a find !!! I was at your Shabbat Nigun program in San Leandro, CA a few months ago with Frank and enjoyed what you both did that evening. Two weeks ago, when Lisa & Matt were in San Francisco for the Jewish Film festival, I provided car service for both of them to attend the Workshop that they did on Sunday after the Film showing. I also provided car service for Frank when he was here in Feb for our Yiddish Festival. please add my name to your blog.
    A sheynem dank, Gil Rosoff San Mateo, CA

  2. Hi Lorin,
    thank you for exploring the archiv and publishing it in the www!
    Maybe you know the exact writing / composing year of the following songs. It has to do with GEMA (Licences for the composer) which last 70 years in Germany and after it it´s “traditional”. Here the songs:

    Awreml M.Gebirtig
    Kumi Ori Feidman?
    Oj mame, bin ich farlibt! Abraham Ellstein
    Sog nischt kejnmol Hirsh Glik

    nice to hear from you

    Andy from Nürnberg
    I´ve heard you with the Klezmatics in Fürth yet

  3. Myles Starr says:


    My name is Myles Starr I am a young Jewish man in New York City interested in the preservation of Jewish Music. I have recently begun working for Sojourn Records in Brooklyn. We work closely with Shlomo Carlebach and are the only exclusively licensed label permitted by his Estate to release unreleased or undiscovered recordings.

    We have put out “Songs of Peace,” two unreleased live performances, both from 1973, carefully transferred, mixed and mastered. These two intimate recordings capture the amazing spirit and beauty of Shlomo Carlebach’s gift. It is a beautiful display of his musical genius, spirituality and humanity.

    We are also going to release for the Holiday Season “Wake Up World,” an ultra rare Shlomo recording. Being a new label we are looking for ways to get the word out about his beautiful, historical, and powerful music. We would love to send you some MP3’s for review, if you care to write about them in your website or direct people to our website where they can purchase his albums. If we can be of service to your project in any other way please let us know.


    Myles Starr

  4. Jan Waas says:

    Hi, Lorin,

    I already have a ticket for your performance at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw (Concert Hall) at the 29th of November.
    Today 10-10-’10, I find out that only Frank London is coming. He is doing the gig with one Judith Berkson, whom I never heard of, and an Indian tabla shpiler.
    Who are they? Are they any good in klez and Yiddish?
    Should I return my ticket? I am a fan of yours but not of Frank!

    Why aren’t you coming?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Even though this has nothing to do with your great work at YIVO!

    Blayb gezunt!

    Jan Waas, folk collector , both Jewish and Goyish,
    Griend 147
    1112LB Diemen
    The Netherlands

  5. Miriam Isaacs says:

    A great website and look forward to continuing to learn about Jewish music and song.

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